Welcome at Visumbureau-Limburg!

You can come to us with all your visa applications and Legalizations. Since the very beginning in the year 2000 Visumbureau-Limburg has been the one and only visa office located in Limburg, the most southern part of the Netherlands. We guarantee that you get the best service in a personal way.

One of our key facets is our personal approach. When you call us, you will always be answered by Marie-Louise or Peter. We work differently from other visa offices. To be faster and more reliable we mostly work with couriers instead of delivering by post. Business travel is often ad hoc in nature and visa applicants want to be without their passports for the minimum time possible. That is why we have opted for personal delivery of documents.

When we receive your PO form and the other required documents, we can start working for you. We check everything to make sure that nothing is missing and there are no mistakes. When everything is completed, the application leaves the next morning with our couriers to the embassy and consulates in The Hague or Brussels, or Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Interested? You can read more about your visa application or legalization here: