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​As of 17 December 2019, the visa application must be done in person by the applicant, due to the fact that fingerprints have to be provided.

The following are exempt:
People under the age of 14 or over the age of 70
Holders of diplomatic passports and people that are exempt under bilateral agreements
People that apply for a Chinese visa whose fingerprints have already been collected by the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) in the past 5 years, if those people are
still using the same passport as before (when applying, people must show the biometric visa in the same passport).
Applicants who suffer from ten finger mutilation or whose fingerprints cannot be collected or retained.

This means that fingerprints that have been collected on arrival at the airport in recent years, do not count.
This also means that when someone applies with a new passport, he or she must go to the CVASC again.

Because the entire process is new and complicated, also for the CVASC, the max number of applications per day will temporarily be limited.
Please take into account that there will be a few extra days of processing time, on top of the regular 4 day procedure. 

Tourist Visa

Business Visa

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We  can offer you a full service, that includes:

Making an appointment at CVASC
Prechecking the forms (with the exception of the Business License in business applications)
Assistence with the appointment at CVASC
Payment of the visa at CVASC
Pick-up of the passport with the visa.

All for a tariff of 125 euros, excluding VAT. (6 working days)

It is also possible to make use of individual elements of our service.

Making the appointment: 10 euros
Precheck: 42.50 euros
Making changes to application form: 25 euros
Assistance when applying at the CVASC 50 euros                                                     Pick-up of the passport with the visa: 42.50 euros

Extra: Pick up Service

Extra: Urgent service

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